Race for Life

On Sunday I ran my first ever Race for Life for Cancer Research.

I signed up to run the race while working at Nickelodeon, where the lovely Bee had roped together a team of wonderful charitable girlies to run it together.

Now – those that know me well will know, I was never really one for exercise. Even my fitness freak of a boyfriend’s efforts to get me jogging would often end in my having a strop and crying the whole way.

Now, Race for Life is only 5K – which is a mere 3 miles roughly. I know this is a tiny distance, but for me, it was enormous, so I decided if I was to complete it with any amount of dignity I had start getting fit. So I joined a gym. Shocking I know. I even joined a spin class. And yes, spin is as hidious as everyone warned me and yes I felt like dying after each session. I even started to go for runs with my housemate Fee (a genuine mention – she’ll be happy about that…).

But, it seemed to work. I completed the 5K Race for Life in 35 minutes, jogging the whole way, and in the rain no less. For those that are fitter than I, this will seem like nothing to shout about. But nethertheless I am proud myself. Most of all, I am proud of the 1000’s of women that did it with me. I’ve never really participated in a mass charity event, let alone a mass charity run in aid of all the people who have been affected by cancer, but it was amazing. The atmosphere was electric, depsite the weather and everyone was there for a reason, whether they were running for a loved one, everyone, or just ‘hope’. I must say reading the back of everyone’s t-shirts as I was racing did bring a tear to my eye, and keep me going when I felt myself tiring.

Altogether, our Team SpongeBob have rasied £1,240 but more donations are always welcome! Please, if you made it this far in my blog, make it a tiny bit further and donate a couple of quid to an amazing cause, for some amazing women that ventured into the city of london on an early, cold and wet sunday morning to beat cancer, together.


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William & Katie

At the weekend I attended my first ever friends wedding. I’ve been told many times that once you reach your mid twenties (although I am only 23, which I’d like to think is still early twenties…) it’s all about weddings weddings weddings. I do have two more to go to this year, so I fear they may be right.

This wedding was that of my wonderful and long-time friend Will. We met when I was 15 at my beloved skatepark, and for the next few years we became inseparable. Naturally we spend less time together as we’ve grown older, but I’ve always thought of him as an honorary brother.

Well, to my absolute delight Will fell in love a few years ago to the adorable Katie, and on saturday he became her husband.

The ceremony and reception were both beautiful. The reception in particular was stunning, right up my street, Pimms on arrival, Cath Kidston style bunting (all made by Will’s mum I might add…), teacups and saucers, teapots and wild flowers. Just lovely. They also had hired out a fantastic VW Camper Van that was a photobooth, that guests could jump into and have their photo taken using some of the amusing props to hand. These were then put into a memory book which I’m sure Will and Kate will love looking over in the days to come.

One of the nicest things about the whole day was the people I got to see again, after several years of not. Old school friends, and skatepark friends, who while they’ve all grown up in one way or another, are still the same people I loved to hang out with when I was 16.

The day was on a whole, fantastic. It was a little surreal at the same time, as there was an air of  ‘yikes, we’re growing up…’ about it. But I wish nothing but complete happiness, health and luck to the brand new Mr and Mrs Brown. And I’d like to dedicate this blog post to old, but still brilliant, friends.

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Beating the 55

Last time I went home I bought back with me my beloved bicycle.

I had her at University and would cycle everywhere. So I decided that the only way to beat my commuting woes was to bring her down to London and brave the roads.

So far, it has gone well. I’m still alive for a start, which is a relief. I’ve had a few scary moments, but believe it or not they have been with other cyclists. Also, having seen at least two cycling accidents since moving here, I have donned a rather un-fetching helmet. But, as my mother would tell me frequently on family walks when I was 15 and down right refused to wear wellingtons – ‘this is not a fashion parade Rosie!’ So, the ugly helmet it is then.

And, it only takes me 20 minutes to get to work. Screw you 55!

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Desperado’s viral breakthrough

Another fantastic viral youtube ad, this time from alcoholic beverage Desperado. The viral follows the ever-popular  theme of audience interaction with an entire ‘takeover’ of the youtube page structure – again not dissimilar to that seen in the Tippex viral a year or so ago.

Desperado’s ‘breakthrough’ has already had well over 1 million hits, and I think it will only get more. What’s particularly clever about this viral is it’s ability to connect you with social networking sites like facebook and twitter, at the touch of a button, making the video ridiculously easy to share online and therefore massively assisting the ‘viral’ aspect of the campaign.

Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/desperados

All I can say is, I really want a desperados now.

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13 things I learnt about Paris.

Last week Tom and I took advantage of the ‘3 days for 11’ deal that the Easter Holidays and Royal Wedding were offering and went to Paris for a few days. Neither of us had been before, and what with it being one of the most famous cities in the world, were really excited about it.

I would like to point out at this point, before any of you have any preconceptions of where this blog post might be going, that no, there was no proposal. If Tom were going to propose to me, it is more likely to be in the vegetable aisle of Lidl than up the Eiffel Tower.

Anyway, here is a description of my time in the city of love summed up with things that I learnt while I was there.

1. Parisian self service ticket machines don’t accept notes. Therefore we had to queue for half an hour to buy our metro tickets into the city. This resulted in Tom having a face like this:


2. Paris has double decker underground trains which are awesome and shit all over London’s underground.

Double Decker

3. A lot of Paris smells like wee – unfortunately I don’t have a picture that depicts this.

4. The Eiffel Tower is as big as you’d expect it to be.

Satisfyingly Tall

5. The Mona Lisa, on the other hand, is not.

Mona Madness

6. If you are under 26, an EU resident and have your passport on you, you get free access to most tourist attractions. Again, no photo representation of this, but those of you that know Tom, will know it made him very happy indeed.

7. Every hour from 9pm the Eiffel Tower sparkles like it is made from diamonds and is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.


8. The French clearly don’t like ‘Hangovers’.

French say no to hangovers.

9. Underwear however, they will happily shout about:

Get in...my pants.

10. As will they vaginas:

No comment

11. The traffic at the Arc De Triomph really was terrifying

Arc De Terror

12. My boyfriend’s sexuality is at times, questionable.

Oh La La

13. Paris cakes are the best I’ve ever seen

nom nom nom

14. A picture of my housemate Fee. No relevance whatsever – but she always complains that I never mention her in my posts.

Happy now Fee?

Au Revoir!

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Last week I said a sad farewell to SpongeBob SquarePants and the Orange Towers. My 6 month internship with Nickelodeon, as part of The Network at Work scheme has come to an end.

A framed copy of the SpongeBob postcard I designed.

But with endings, come beginnings. And this week I started my new job as a media business executive for media agency Universal Mcann. A global company, UM are a full service media agency that run on a philosophy of curiosity and ‘yes and…’ and I am very proud to be a new member of their workforce.

So, I chose I path. There were lots of reasons why I came to make the decision, but ultimately, Marketing is something I am hugely passionate about, whether I’ve always known it or not, and I understand it. As much I loved studying sociology at University, I never knew until now, how important what I was learning was, and how relevant it would become to my work.

UM is actually the media agency used by Nickelodeon, and as a result Nickelodeon will now be one of my clients, so in a nice way I will remain in touch with many of the lovely friends and work colleagues I made there. The exciting thing is though, I will have many new clients, and so hopefully I will meet and become friends with lots of new work colleagues. I’ll be working with Microsoft, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort and Bacardi Martini amongst others. You’ll notice most of those are alcohol brands. I was a little concerned with that too, and can only hope it is not  a result of them making any kind of assumption about me.

I’ve only been in the job four days, so not too much to report at the moment, other than everyone is lovely, and I’m very excited to be working on some brilliant projects. That said, I am taking advantage of the long weekends and am off to Paris next week to soak up some culture and stay in a two star hotel (see video).

Happy Easter!

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Touch the Rainbow

Yesterday I came across this absolute gem of a marketing campaign, from the brilliant people at Skittles, on YouTube.

 The idea is so simple, yet fun and engaging and as a result, quite clever. The tone is at times a bit odd, but I seem to remember Skittles TV adverts being slightly weird anyway, with their motto ‘feel the rainbow’. Well now its ‘touch the rainbow’ – quite literally.

It has connotations of the Tippex YouTube ad that came out a few months ago (if you havent seen it I thoroughly recommend you give it a go here)

Technically, unlike the Tippex one, there is no actual interaction involved – but it makes you feel like you are ‘part’ of the ad. I particularly love the cute but quite threatening ‘PUT IT BACK’ message that appears if you take your finger away.

Overall, very very weird…but clever and really quite amusing.

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