Moving House

I think I have surpassed myself this time. It’s been a whole 6 months since my last post! Either my life has been VERY uneventful the last 6 months or I have just been extremely lazy. Neither are great, but I think it’s probably the latter. From this day forward I will make a pledge to post more often…once every 3 months should just about do it?

Probably the most eventful thing to happen to me in this last 6 months is what my housemates and I have come to call ‘The Big Move 2012’. Due to our landlord thinking it was great idea to throw us out of our flat in the middle of the Olympics to renovate it, we decided to cut our loses and move out sooner rather than later. So I am writing this dear readers, from my new pad…. a whole 1 mile up the road from my last one. Thats right, no longer will I frequent London Fields or Victoria Park on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s Hackney Downs for me now. Depending on who asks, I live either in Clapton, or Stoke Newington. I’m a lot closer to the former, the latter is more a hopeful illusion.

It wasn’t easy to get here. Firstly, we were meant to be moving into a house in Hackney Wick, but got royally gazumped 5 days prior to moving in. Cue mass hysteria and girl tears as we fretted over being homeless. But, after racing around all of hackney on bicycles, we came across this little gem in a quiet ‘mews’ in Clapton. After some gazumping of our own (it’s called karma people) we got the place and we’ve been here just over a week now. I’m with the same housemates that I’ve been with for the last year or so and over that year we have accumulated a lot of crap. A. LOT. It took three hire van loads and help from two other halves to do it – but we did it nonetheless. Even Sexy Steven made it in one piece.

A week later and it already feels like home. We’ve bonded with the neighbour over wine and BBQs, met our eccentric German landlord that has a fear of all things flammable, and even snuggled the communal cat, Oscar, or MC Double Bum as he is apparently known amongst the mews residents.

So its the start of a new era in Clapton, bring it on I say!

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