A wedding worth waiting for.

5 or so years ago two of my best friends got engaged, to eachother. Our very own Monica and Chandler, Lauren and James fell in love and 1 year into their relationship, in a hotel room off a motorway, James got down on one knee. He has always been a man of class.

5 years, two degrees and one flat later, they finally got hitched.

The venue had been chosen, the cakes made, the Bridesmaid’s dresses altered, and then altered again, the rings put in their boxes and most importantly, the bets on the length of the best man’s speech had been placed. It was time for a bunch of mates from Didcot to come together in suit and silk to celebrate their friend’s love for one another. And to get horribly, horribly drunk.

The day went perfect, the ceremony was stunning and humble, the reception glitzy and glamourous, no one messed up their lines and I won the bet on the best man’s speech! It was a wonderful day, one that I felt was not only about celebrating The Mitchams, but also friendship. A mum of one of my friends came up to me towards the end of the night and said something quite lovely. She said, albeit slightly slurred, “you and your friends have such a wonderful relationship, you may not live in eachothers pockets, but you come back together like you never parted, and that will stay with you for the rest of your life.” And I really hope it does.

So this blog post is a congratualtions, to Lauren and James, but also a thank you, to my fabulous friends, for making it so easy to fall into place.

Photos: Ed Salter

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