Not a pretentious music post

One thing I can’t stand is what I call a ‘music snob’. Now by this I don’t mean someone who listens to classical music and raises their noses at us youths, listening to what they deem as being only ‘noise’. No, I am talking about those irritating people who raise their noses at those who don’t know the latest indie/dubstep/anothercoolmadeupword band and who make a point of letting everyone else know that they knew about them 6 months ago. Even more annoying is that guaranteed if said band make it big and have a single in the top 40, they will disown them, claiming them to be ‘too mainstream’.

Now, I like music, a lot, but I don’t lay any claim to knowing an awful lot about it. Having been to a couple of really good gigs recently I felt I really wanted to write a post on the topic, however feared that actually I wouldn’t have anything intelligent to say.

So, what follows is a rather unintelligent, uninformed and unpretentious post about music, or more particularly, my tastes in it.

*warning, if you only have an interest in brand spanking new, alternative bands and are allergic to Avril Lavigne,  please stop reading now. You will only be sorely disappointed and come out in a rash*

A few weeks ago I went to see my favourite band of all time, in the world ever, Incubus. Not everyone is a fan I’m sure, but I whole heartedly love them, and on hearing they were coming to London to do a one-off gig at the Kentish Town Forum, I had to go. I knew though,  I couldnt just go with anybody, so I contacted an old friend that I hadnt seen in probably about 6 years, and asked if she would come with me, like old times. And it was amazing, nothing had changed, other than we now stood at the back of the crowd rather than being in the mosh pit down the front. Becasue we could see better from the back, of course. Incubus were amazing, we sang every word to every song till I thought I would lose my voice and I felt like I was 16 again. This got me thinking, about all the music you listen to growing up and how just one song, one riff even, can take you right back to the age you were when you first listened to them, and how while I may not go moshing every friday night down the Zodiac on Cowley Road anymore, this is the music that I really love.

So, I thought it would be fun to post a few videos, of songs that take me back to another time, and that if alone in my flat on a sunday morning I can still be found jumping up and down on my bed to. For those that didnt know me then, maybe it will be a surprsing insight into my music tastes, for those that did, perhaps it’ll be a lovely trip down memory lane…

I will do anything for…meat.

Meatloaf – what I can I say? Not much really, many of you I know have judged me at the mere mention of his name, but I grew up with his music and whenever I hear this song in particular I am reminded of singing the whole thing word for word in my kitchen with my mum:

‘Cuz I’m in too deep.

Sum 41. My first ever gig. Accompanied by a few friends and one of their dads (we were 15 and the gig was in Brixton…) I had the time of my life, seeing a band I was crazy about up on stage, being near killed in what was my first experience of a mosh pit. Even now me and Tom can be seen bopping along to this particular number in the car:

Dressed up like you’re something else

Next is a girl who is single handedly responsible for how I dressed for much of my teen years:

Let the neighbours talk

Now, while there is an apparent theme to these songs, I don’t limit myself to only one genre. If a song makes me smile and want to dance, well then I’ll probably love it. And this corker from Right Said Fred is one of my most shameful indulgences:

Can we bring yesterday back around?

While we’re on the cheese, I can’t go without mentioning the track that epitomises my first year at University, where I drunkenly sang this song with one hand in the air and the other grasping a pint of BOP’s finest, the Green Monster. The only good song I think that the Sugababes released:

I’m still happy, oh so happy

Next is a band that reminds me not only of my second year at University, but also (and here comes the soppy bit) of my boyfriend Tom. We interviewed and filmed Kid British together, early on in our relationship, and here was the result:

Every now and then I fall apart

A post about music and songs that I love would not be complete without the magnificent Bonnie Tyler, and a song that in one represents my wonderful friends from Oxfordshire. It is tradition now to get horribly drunk every New Year’s Eve and sing this in unison, flailing our arms left right and center and spilling wine everywhere:

Looking forward..

I could go on forever, but for the sake of  not boring you dear readers, I wont. I simply wanted to demonstrate the power of music to evoke emotion and memories like nothing else can, more so even, than a photograph. I suppose I am being nostalgic, but my other point is that I still love these songs to this day. I’ll leave you readers with a song that I predict I’ll listen to in 5 years time, and it will take me back to where I am now, my first year living in London an at the beginning of my career. Here’s hoping my feet don’t fail me now.

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