Race for Life

On Sunday I ran my first ever Race for Life for Cancer Research.

I signed up to run the race while working at Nickelodeon, where the lovely Bee had roped together a team of wonderful charitable girlies to run it together.

Now – those that know me well will know, I was never really one for exercise. Even my fitness freak of a boyfriend’s efforts to get me jogging would often end in my having a strop and crying the whole way.

Now, Race for Life is only 5K – which is a mere 3 miles roughly. I know this is a tiny distance, but for me, it was enormous, so I decided if I was to complete it with any amount of dignity I had start getting fit. So I joined a gym. Shocking I know. I even joined a spin class. And yes, spin is as hidious as everyone warned me and yes I felt like dying after each session. I even started to go for runs with my housemate Fee (a genuine mention – she’ll be happy about that…).

But, it seemed to work. I completed the 5K Race for Life in 35 minutes, jogging the whole way, and in the rain no less. For those that are fitter than I, this will seem like nothing to shout about. But nethertheless I am proud myself. Most of all, I am proud of the 1000’s of women that did it with me. I’ve never really participated in a mass charity event, let alone a mass charity run in aid of all the people who have been affected by cancer, but it was amazing. The atmosphere was electric, depsite the weather and everyone was there for a reason, whether they were running for a loved one, everyone, or just ‘hope’. I must say reading the back of everyone’s t-shirts as I was racing did bring a tear to my eye, and keep me going when I felt myself tiring.

Altogether, our Team SpongeBob have rasied £1,240 but more donations are always welcome! Please, if you made it this far in my blog, make it a tiny bit further and donate a couple of quid to an amazing cause, for some amazing women that ventured into the city of london on an early, cold and wet sunday morning to beat cancer, together.


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