William & Katie

At the weekend I attended my first ever friends wedding. I’ve been told many times that once you reach your mid twenties (although I am only 23, which I’d like to think is still early twenties…) it’s all about weddings weddings weddings. I do have two more to go to this year, so I fear they may be right.

This wedding was that of my wonderful and long-time friend Will. We met when I was 15 at my beloved skatepark, and for the next few years we became inseparable. Naturally we spend less time together as we’ve grown older, but I’ve always thought of him as an honorary brother.

Well, to my absolute delight Will fell in love a few years ago to the adorable Katie, and on saturday he became her husband.

The ceremony and reception were both beautiful. The reception in particular was stunning, right up my street, Pimms on arrival, Cath Kidston style bunting (all made by Will’s mum I might add…), teacups and saucers, teapots and wild flowers. Just lovely. They also had hired out a fantastic VW Camper Van that was a photobooth, that guests could jump into and have their photo taken using some of the amusing props to hand. These were then put into a memory book which I’m sure Will and Kate will love looking over in the days to come.

One of the nicest things about the whole day was the people I got to see again, after several years of not. Old school friends, and skatepark friends, who while they’ve all grown up in one way or another, are still the same people I loved to hang out with when I was 16.

The day was on a whole, fantastic. It was a little surreal at the same time, as there was an air of  ‘yikes, we’re growing up…’ about it. But I wish nothing but complete happiness, health and luck to the brand new Mr and Mrs Brown. And I’d like to dedicate this blog post to old, but still brilliant, friends.

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