13 things I learnt about Paris.

Last week Tom and I took advantage of the ‘3 days for 11’ deal that the Easter Holidays and Royal Wedding were offering and went to Paris for a few days. Neither of us had been before, and what with it being one of the most famous cities in the world, were really excited about it.

I would like to point out at this point, before any of you have any preconceptions of where this blog post might be going, that no, there was no proposal. If Tom were going to propose to me, it is more likely to be in the vegetable aisle of Lidl than up the Eiffel Tower.

Anyway, here is a description of my time in the city of love summed up with things that I learnt while I was there.

1. Parisian self service ticket machines don’t accept notes. Therefore we had to queue for half an hour to buy our metro tickets into the city. This resulted in Tom having a face like this:


2. Paris has double decker underground trains which are awesome and shit all over London’s underground.

Double Decker

3. A lot of Paris smells like wee – unfortunately I don’t have a picture that depicts this.

4. The Eiffel Tower is as big as you’d expect it to be.

Satisfyingly Tall

5. The Mona Lisa, on the other hand, is not.

Mona Madness

6. If you are under 26, an EU resident and have your passport on you, you get free access to most tourist attractions. Again, no photo representation of this, but those of you that know Tom, will know it made him very happy indeed.

7. Every hour from 9pm the Eiffel Tower sparkles like it is made from diamonds and is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.


8. The French clearly don’t like ‘Hangovers’.

French say no to hangovers.

9. Underwear however, they will happily shout about:

Get in...my pants.

10. As will they vaginas:

No comment

11. The traffic at the Arc De Triomph really was terrifying

Arc De Terror

12. My boyfriend’s sexuality is at times, questionable.

Oh La La

13. Paris cakes are the best I’ve ever seen

nom nom nom

14. A picture of my housemate Fee. No relevance whatsever – but she always complains that I never mention her in my posts.

Happy now Fee?

Au Revoir!

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