Last week I said a sad farewell to SpongeBob SquarePants and the Orange Towers. My 6 month internship with Nickelodeon, as part of The Network at Work scheme has come to an end.

A framed copy of the SpongeBob postcard I designed.

But with endings, come beginnings. And this week I started my new job as a media business executive for media agency Universal Mcann. A global company, UM are a full service media agency that run on a philosophy of curiosity and ‘yes and…’ and I am very proud to be a new member of their workforce.

So, I chose I path. There were lots of reasons why I came to make the decision, but ultimately, Marketing is something I am hugely passionate about, whether I’ve always known it or not, and I understand it. As much I loved studying sociology at University, I never knew until now, how important what I was learning was, and how relevant it would become to my work.

UM is actually the media agency used by Nickelodeon, and as a result Nickelodeon will now be one of my clients, so in a nice way I will remain in touch with many of the lovely friends and work colleagues I made there. The exciting thing is though, I will have many new clients, and so hopefully I will meet and become friends with lots of new work colleagues. I’ll be working with Microsoft, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort and Bacardi Martini amongst others. You’ll notice most of those are alcohol brands. I was a little concerned with that too, and can only hope it is not  a result of them making any kind of assumption about me.

I’ve only been in the job four days, so not too much to report at the moment, other than everyone is lovely, and I’m very excited to be working on some brilliant projects. That said, I am taking advantage of the long weekends and am off to Paris next week to soak up some culture and stay in a two star hotel (see video).

Happy Easter!

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