Touch the Rainbow

Yesterday I came across this absolute gem of a marketing campaign, from the brilliant people at Skittles, on YouTube.

 The idea is so simple, yet fun and engaging and as a result, quite clever. The tone is at times a bit odd, but I seem to remember Skittles TV adverts being slightly weird anyway, with their motto ‘feel the rainbow’. Well now its ‘touch the rainbow’ – quite literally.

It has connotations of the Tippex YouTube ad that came out a few months ago (if you havent seen it I thoroughly recommend you give it a go here)

Technically, unlike the Tippex one, there is no actual interaction involved – but it makes you feel like you are ‘part’ of the ad. I particularly love the cute but quite threatening ‘PUT IT BACK’ message that appears if you take your finger away.

Overall, very very weird…but clever and really quite amusing.

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