Mid Week Days Off

I write this as I’m sat in my bed, eating a bagel smothered with nutella whilst also watching The West Wing. It’s my eighth episode of West Wing and my second bagel.

I have taken a day off from work because I wanted to catch up with various things. But instead I have been doing all of the above. There’s something so comforting about the West Wing. Despite the global and moral dilemmas that regularly ensue, it is such easy watching. The music, the lighting, the language. It relaxes me. Something tells me that in reality though, the atmosphere in the White House wouldn’t be quite so soothing.

I took a day off because my bad sense of forward planning means I have quite a few days of holiday to use up before my contract with SpongeBob Squarepants ends. And I realise that I haven’t written much about my time in the orange towers, if at all. I think that perhaps it’s because I’ve learnt and encountered so much that writing about it seems an impossible task. But I suppose I can try.

I’ve been at Nick for five months now. The first three were spent with the production team, mostly on the set of Jamie and Anna’s Big Weekend. I was runner on the show, which basically meant I got to wear a cool headset and hold a broom in the event that the studio floor would need urgent attention. Obviosuly I did a lot more than that; I met a lot of celebrities, worked with some hilarious kids and became part of a new family.

Christmas on set - in November!

I know, it sounds corny, and as an intern and a runner, I never expected that to happen. Maybe it was the long 10 hour days spent on shoots, or maybe it was the lovely people on the crew. I think perhaps it was both. I had a tiring but fantastic time on that shoot and grew to love everyone on it. Not only that, but I learnt an incredible amount about TV production, more than I could have hoped for during my internship. I operated the clapper board for PSC shoots. And yes, it did make me feel cool. In fact you can see a clip of my excellent clapper board skills here. I operated the autocue, often badly, for Nathan on Music Exclusive, I was Gallery PA for current Dancing on Ice star Laura Hamilton for Wake Up World. On my first day on the J&A shoot I unzipped Paloma Faiths dress for her before cueing her on for an interview because it was too tight. I even got to see Olly Murs in his pants. And no, I wont forget that image for a long while!

A tender moment in Make-Up room

I had such a great time with production, that come January when I had to move over to marketing I felt quite sad. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited about trying my hands at something new and different, but I had just settled in.

I am now two months into marketing, and am feeling just as sad at the prospect of leaving them. While I always thought marketing sounded interesting, it was never anything I thought I would be good at or end up doing. But sometimes, it turns out, you don’t know what you’re good at until you do it. I have loved marketing, and I especially feel like I ‘get it’. A lot of that I think has to do with my degree topic, Sociology. I went in to spend a day with our media agency, UM last month, and as I sat in a room being presented to about audience defragmentation and changing media consumption, the little cogs in my brain that were so alive during my time at Manchester but that had been dormant for the last 8 months began to light up again. I got this, I understood it, and more importantly, it really excited me.

Now this realisation is both great, and really annoying. A few years ago I made a decision that I wanted to make television, and ever since then I have sought to do that. So, years later to realise that there is actually something else out there that you could also do, is quite exciting, but also quite scary and a bit of a nuisance. It means decisions have to be made. I have to think. And chose a path. As a libra, this does not bode well with me. I am terrible at making decisions, and will often get other people to make them for me. Some of you may that think that it’s not about making a clean decision between the two careers, production or marketing, but in a practical sense it is. It’s going to take time and energy to progress in either from where I am now, and once I am there with one, it is unlikely I will be able to go back.

I guess having two options on the table is better than none. Ultimately I suppose it’s important I do something I am good at and that I love, either way. I was meant to use my day off today to do some research and ‘think things through’. Instead though I watched President Bartlett win his second term in a fictional White House. Oh well, it could have been worse. Bartlett could have lost, and then I really would have had a bad day.

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