Working for Bob

Yes. I know. It has been almost four months since I last posted.

Four months.

I dont think I even have an excuse.

But, as seems to be the way, I will get you a little up to date on what has happened in my life since then…

I got an interview here:

I didn’t get it.

I then got an interview at the BBC for this:

I got it. I know – FINALLY.

Then I quit.

Because I got a job with this guy:

And so that brings me up to date with where I am now; working a six month paid internship with Nickelodeon. As a result, I no longer live in didcot and instead live above this pub in Hackney:

Glamorous I know. Well, a paid internship it may be, but it’ll be a while before I’m living in a plush flat in West London!

So, I should probably begin with how I got the internship. It’s all as a result of The Network, which I spoke about in my last post, all that time ago. As part of the scheme you can apply for The Network At Work, which is a series of paid six month internships with various companies. After a preliminary interview, I got matched with two companies, CBBC and Nickelodeon, both for which I had to attend a second interview. Well, it turns out I didnt even have to go the the CBBC ¬†interivew, because shortly after my one with Nick, I got the offer.

Two months later and I am assisting a fantastic production team in what can only be described as the nicest company in the world. Within my first few days we embarked on a huge shoot which took place at MTV studios, and lasted for six weeks. The programme we made is called ‘Jamie and Anna’s Big Weekend’. During the shoot I did a number of things, I assisted the Floor Manager, helped out in the office, and looked after celebrities. I’m not going to lie, it was amazing! And I still pinch myself everyday, espeically when I look back at how hard things were when I was looking for a job.

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of this internship is that in January I will be joining the marketing team, to spend three months there. Marketing is something I never thought of doing, but it looks very exciting and I cant wait to be given the great opportunity of trying out something new.

So, after months of turmoil at University, and more months living at home unemployed, I am now finally on the bottom step of that big, intimidating ladder and I have at least three toes through the door. And I have to say, that it is all thanks to the amazing opportunity that was The Network. In fact, applications for next year are soon to open, so please I urge you if you are reading this and trying to get into the TV industry, apply now!!

I will definitely try to update my blog more often, to talk about how the rest of the internship goes and where I will go afterwards. But for now I will say…


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