So…what are you doing after uni?

If I get asked this one more time I WILL cry into my penguin bar, the chocolate biscuit which seems to be my comfort food of choice as I struggle through the beginning of 2010. Its probably a nostalgia thing. As I write this I am eating what is my fifth one of the evening. What can’t penguins fly? Because they cant afford plane tickets. Brilliant.

And tea of course, the quintessentially British drink that this blog takes it’s title from. The quote, from T’ien Yiheng (whoever that is) I feel is fitting – final year is rather an awful din and a nice cup of sugary tea really does seem to be my escape from it.

I decided to write this blog as a way of venting the angst that any final year university student goes through when facing the ‘real world’. Unless of course you are a student who is horribly organised and already has a job come graduation, in which case I don’t like you, please go away.

Its not that I don’t know what I want to do, quite the opposite, I know exactly what I want to do. I am pursuing a career in the media. Yes, thats right, that ever popular industry that the whole world and its mother wants to ‘get into’, which is precisely my problem.

What path do I take? Do I do an expensive Broadcast Journalism course that seems to be the popular route or do I try and get a job? If so should I aim at local level, or aim high? Do I apply for traineeships or entry level positions? Am I actually good enough to get a job?

I have just submitted my first application (for the BBC – optimism never hurt anyone) and I feel I have made the first step in deciding the rest of my life. Scary huh?

So, as I apply for jobs, hopefully go to some interviews, make difficult decisions over what I want to do, whilst at the same time attempt to complete my degree and act as head of news for my radio station, I will be writing this blog, an account of my transition from tax dodger, to tax payer. Hopefully.

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