I had another of those every-now-and-then dissertation lectures today, which I swear are made not to give you advice and words of encouragement, but to scare the crap out of you.
“By now, you should all have done your literature review, your methodology section, and begun collecting your empirical research…” Oh, really?. I have barely picked up a book. Surely, after years of dealing with the species that is the student-race , these people know that we aren’t organised.
I know – I’ve not done any work, what a surprise. But there is more to me than a simple cliché. I have had so much to do I have barely found time to read the thirty or so books I am supposed to. Well, I could have found time had I sacrificed going out, eating, Christmas and my life in general.
I’m not shifting blame, I know being behind is my own fault as well, but I feel as a student it is my duty to laugh in the face of motivation. In my head I have all these ideas about how I’m going to make an effort this year. There have been several times where I have sat down, books open and pen at the ready with every intention of working, but before I know it I’m watching ‘Ukulele Boy‘ on YouTube.
I went to the Sociology office immediately after the lecture and made the huge mistake of requesting to read dissertations from last year. It was a moment of madness, in which I thought I would gain insight and inspiration. I didn’t. It made me want to cry. How on earth, amongst everything else I’ve got to do, am I supposed to produce 13,000 words of a similar standard to this?
With an oral presentation looming at the end of the month however, I really do have to do something. Especially as Fuse FM begins it’s 2oth broadcast in a couple of weeks, and with other modules to work for of course.
Oh god. I may as well buy a month’s supply of penguin bars and a kettle and lock the door

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