Daytime Television

A lot has happened since my last post.

I moved home to Didcot…

I’ve got some letters after my name…

And I’ve been on holiday…


And so, after a rather exciting month filled with friends, sun, beaches, very hot tents, and some rather unfetching hats, here I am. On my sofa. In my pyjamas. Watching Homes Under the Hammer on TV.
So as you may have gathered I am still unemployed. Unemployed life was rather exciting when eating spaghetti on the roof of a lamia in Puglia, or watching The Specials under the stars in Benicassim. But now that I’m at home, unemployed life is rather dull. I spend most of my days watching property programmes and convincing myself that property developing is actually the best way to make money and that I should therefore stop applying for jobs immediately and buy a run down house instead.
This of course is ridiculous, and in between watching Tim Vincent show people how they can escape to the country and walking my dog, I have been attempting to ‘sort my life out’.
I have applied to a few of jobs; an unpaid position as a Production Assistant for a project called Digital Documenters, a 6 week trainee scheme with the BBC, a position as a receptionist for a production company in London. I’ve even applied to write columns for a creative website. A lot of these I am still waiting to here from. The good news however, is that I got the first one.
It is exciting to get some good news for a change. And although the project is unpaid, it’ll be excellent experience, and they offer a range of training which will no doubt be of use. It’s also a project that combines my two passions, media and young people. First Light, who the project is run by, are a charity dedicated to giving young people the chance to gain media and digital experience. I love this, and am really excited about the project. Even if it is in Birmingham.
There is of course The Network to look forward to in a couple of weeks as well. I booked my train tickets the other day. A shocking £75. And it’s over 6 hours long. And I have to leave at 6am. So, I will be nice and relaxed and refreshed when I get there then.
Despite my unemployed graduate status I’m remaining positive. I’ve signed up with a temp agency so I can work here and there to earn some money, and I’m simply making steps towards getting a foot in the door, as they say. Right now I’d be happy with a toe through the cat-flap.
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